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Imebel Montenegro understands the market better and can typically list the house at the correct price.  Presenting a home matters now more than ever. Imebel makes sure that these presentations go smoothly. She also has experience in staging homes. In today’s market, it really matters how a home is presented.

Imebel will help to make sure your property is seen by more people. She also will make sure that all aspects of the buying process is handled in a professional manner. Having an experienced real estate agent can dramatically impact the offers you receive from buyers.

Inspections can impact the sale of your house. Having a real estate agent like Imebel gives you an expert in your corner as you handle this aspect of the sale.

There is a lot of paperwork that has to transpire throughout the closing process.  Imebel and her Office handle all this paperwork daily so they know how to speed up the process.

Ultimately, you can sell your home for more money and faster when you list with Imebel! She will personally give you all the Marketing ideas in the first consultation.